I love Burmese Prai items as they are always incredibly primal, harking back to ancient methods and sources of prai materials. The prai for the Dor Sey amulet has to come from a man born on a saturday, which is the Burmese system makes a person immediately more Athan, but he has to then die violently to be useful for this style of amulet. Flesh is then cut from his body, chopped up and left in a container for the birds next to a big tree, and whatever is left after 7 days can be used in an amulet of this type.

This an amulet that is akin to a bodyguard but not in the same way as a Hoon Payon as Ajarn says that is an illusion, this ghost stays with you and guards you accordingly. One of the unique things that marks the Burmese system of magic is how they produce their Muan Sarn mixtures. The cabinet in his Samnak (6th pic) shows some of the herbal (and prai) mixtures he makes with the top level ones being the spiritually highest, the middle shelf is the human realm and then below that are the lower forms. These mixtures are so low that they are kept outside the Samnak and looking at the mixtures made my eyes wobble. It is that mixture that has been placed inside the curled up man in the amulet that has then had Burmese script added.

The amulet measures 1.75" and comes with no kata, just connect to it and keep yourself spiritually clean by saying Namo Dtassa and keeping the 5 precepts, if at all possible. Truly ancient magic.

The Dor Sey Prai Amulet by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong - Burmese Magic

  • Burmese magic is both mysterious and potent with different ways than their Thai neighbours. Much of the magic comes from the cults of the Weiza and involves mercury and strange techniques. There are also few amulets produced from the systeem and I endeavor to find what is available as there are devoted fans of this system.

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