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Before making this amulet, Ajarn Khaw had made many talismans using different spirits so he thought that if he combined five ghosts in one charm, many people would be interested. The problems came when trying to source the best materials to construct the amulet, what he considered to be the scary materials that are the best to use. He waited to collect these materials for two years before assembling the talisman, paying over 100,000 baht for the collection (a considerable amount of money in Thailand). He first constructed the statue in the photograph and put into it some costly magical materials, and it came into being with magic, was born by magic.

Inside the amulet, it has the bone of a pregnant lady who died by drowning in a river (a death by drowning offers one of the most potent sources of power), a pregnant woman who died by being struck by lightning, a monk who was killed by lightning, Prai from a couple who committed suicide together and the bone from many children who drowned in the river. There’s also materials from some animals who were struck by lightning, a Takien tree that was struck by lightning, a Bodhi tree that was struck by lightning and there are also Prai materials from a woman who committed suicide while pregnant. Added to this collection were rare herbs for charm from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and some herbs from Burma that are very, very special.

Even though many items were sourced from a poor country like Burma, it still cost Ajarn 100,000 baht and the prices there are cheap! If he had sourced these from Thailand, the cost would have been three or four times that amount. In Thailand, it is now difficult to get this type of materials, but Burma is terrific because there are still many wilder areas where it is possible to get the best products for magic. Many people in Burma die by lightning, and if the people Ajarn knows can find a suitable body, he asks them to take some bone and write the name of the person on the bag along with how that person died. Another vital ingredient of the five head ghost are the bones from many soldiers, which again is easy to find in Burma because they have been at war for many years. Ajarn made this amulet to be the King of the Ghosts and consecrated it in a cemetery, blessing it with magic. It has just one spirit but with 5 heads and many devotees have seen him, with his massive body like King Kong and dark skin but they cannot see his face. Some devotees have returned the amulet to Ajarn after witnessing this ghost due to fear, but others realise the power that this amulet holds and keep it, praying to it every day.

Ajarn depicted him as having 5 heads to show everyone how strong he is, in many ways like some of the higher gods who are shown as having many heads. Showing him in this way expresses the power that is available, which has come from Ajarn Khaw’s abilities and the extraordinary materials it contains. The name of the Wicha to create this is called Maha Phut, and it is a Wicha that creates a spirit amulet, but in this case, the power depends on the contents of the charm as well as the abilities of the Ajarn. An Ajarn cannot make something powerful if there is no power in the ingredients. Many Masters can make every type of amulet but what is the feedback from the people who wear them? Do they see the ghost? Has it had a good effect on their life? When making the first batch of these amulets a black smoke came to the graveyard when he was blessing them, and Ajarn knew then that it was going to be special. This first run cannot be found now, and they were only 300 baht but later runs have risen to 3,000 baht, purely because of the demand and the capabilities of the amulet. Important magic should be expensive.

The front enamel panel shows the ghost and the back has a superb matrix of graveyard earths, into which has been pressed two Takrut, a golden skull and a phial of the original prai - all set into a fine oil for Saneah.

Measures 2.25" and comes with Ajarn Khaw's prai kata.

A wonderful piece.

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The Famous 5 Head Ghost Prai Amulet by Ajarn Khaw

  • Some amulets become famous for their abilities and strengh, such as the 5 ladies of Phor Sala Tan and the 5 Head Ghost of Ajarn Khaw. Unusual and heavy mixtures of supernatural materials that deliver.