I love the heavy stuff.

This is a rare example of the lips from a named Phi Tai Tong Glom ghost, a lady who died while pregnant at the age of 21. Nita was 4 months gone when she drank toilet clearner to kill herself and her Panneng are on the site too. Please remember that multiple items from one ghost increses the potency exponentially.

The lips have been dried slowly and  applied with gold leaf to make an exceptional looking amulet that has then been silver cased. Lips are one part of the body that needs a kata for control because they emit the sound of the person, which means they are powerful items that can have direct spoken contact with anyone. As Nita is a Phi Tai Tong Glom this is potent and this type of amulet is regarded as one of the most powerful from The Thai Occult. The lips aid communication and are legendary for persuading others and conversing so can be used in divination, control of lovers, business, for money - anything - it depends on your connection.

How to use this? Just hold it, say her name (Nita) and work out things between you (even give her a kiss if you wish). This is a strong item but I believe that the ghost is going to be helpful after holding it myself for the photo. She likes offerings of one incense when meditating, and raw meat and alcohol when she has performed a task. The bargains are struck using Merit as a currency and this type of product is best for using the ghost to influence others, bring lovers and good fortune.

This measures 3.1" wide and the second photo was taken when she arrived in the graveyard.

Heavy prai makes me happy.

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The Ghost Lips of a Named Pregnant Lady

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