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The Guardian Angel Amulets for the Day of Birth by Ajarn Apichai - a series of 7 - with Prai

This comes from a very rare Wicha from the lineage of Ajarn Apichai, and these Guardian Angels for the planets are backed up by the power of Prai. There is one for each day and the photos show them from Left to Right from Monday to Sunday. It is best to send your birth details with the order for us to double check the day you need please.

Everyone has their own Guardian Angel that protects from the day you are born till the day you leave this life. Every time you make merit it goes to the monk and to your own personal Guardian Angel. The more you take care of this angel, the more they will ease your life to bring success, protection and happiness. You can use the angels from other days of the week but the one for your day of birth works the best.
The belief in the Guardian Angels comes from the story of Shiva, who created the Earth and life itself. These are the Guardian Angels for each star, each of which protects those born on their day, for instance, the Angel of the Moon protects those born on a Monday. There are Guardian Angels for each day of the week - the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun. These angels were created to protect the Earth and the people on it, and to control fate.

The Guadian Angel for Monday is the Moon, which brings love, Metta, and happiness to yourself and the family. Many people born on a Monday have the love and support from people around them. The Moon is also related to Saneah, success at work and in business and an attraction to customers and the wealthy. Monday has the Earth Element, its colour is yellow, and the Takrut carries the kata for the angel.

The Guardian Angel for Tuesday is Mars, which has the power of bringing courage, victory over obstacles in life, diligence and success. It also eases progression in life. The Guardian Angel of a Tuesday brings the courage to start new things and face any problems the come. It blesses you with the strength to succeed over the problems and the competition in life. Tuesday has the Wind Element, its colour is Pink, and the Takrut carries the kata for the angel.

The Guardian Angel for Wednesday is Mercury, which is the star for communication, and connection. This is an angel to bless you with the intuition that enables you to make connections and be successful with communication to bring support from those around you, either human or angels. Helps with business and work to bring wealth. Wednesday has the Water element, its colour is Green, and the Takrut carries the power of this angel.

The Guardian Angel for Thursday is Jupiter, which is the angel for knowledge and wisdom. The angel of Jupiter is the master of all the deities. People born on a Thursday is blessed with good wisdom, which helps them to move through problems with ease to bring luck and fortune, and happiness to result in success in life. Thursday has the Earth element, its colour is Orange, and the Takrut carries the power of this angel.

The Guardian Angel for Friday is Venus, which brings wealth, love and happiness, because Venus is related to finance, love, desire, and happiness. People born on a Friday will be blessed with the talents for art, music, performance etc. Friday has the Water element, its colour is blue, and the Takrut carries the power of this guardian angel.

The Guardian Angel for Saturday is Saturn, which brings prosperity and stability to life. This angel helps remove sorrow, unhappiness and illnesses to the people born on this day. Praising the angel of Saturn will boost the power of responsibility within, and will also help bring prestige, and the power of righteousness to those born on this day. Saturday has the Fire element, its colour is purple, and the Takrut carries the power of this angel.

The Guardian Angel for Sunday is the Sun, which brings wealth, prestige, fame and power. This is an angel that brings light to the life, forcing away all forms of darkness. This Angel brings the blessings to people born on this day. Sunday has the Fire Element inserted, its colour is red and the Takrut carries the kata for the angel.

The angel of each star brings a different blessing but all of them help to protect and control the fate of the person born on each particular day. This brings success, happiness and prosperity, and turns bad fate to a better direction. Praising each person's respective angel will also help lessen the effect of any other star that has a bad influence on their astrology, as well as helping keep bad people and dangerous animals away.

The Muan Sarn in each includes soils from 9 temples, 7 graveyards, and 9 rice fields. There are all the types of Wahn, many types of powdered flowers and various forms of pollen. There is also Pong Saneah Jan, Pong Rae Nam Phi, powdered golden teak wood, powdered ivory, Tiger bone, Yaa Chintamunee, and Yaa Sui Yin Jor. There are also the essential hand made powders of Pong Ittijae, Pong Maharat and Pong Trisinghae. Powdered old Phuttakhun amulets, Kaew Pong Kham powder, Dok Rak Sorn, Yaa Pi Lu powder, Sompoi, 7 colour Leklai, the oil for making Sak Yant from Luang Phor Charuay. There is also a see pung Yaa from Tai Yai knowledge, See Pung Chinatmunee, See Pung Prai, the ashes of 7 Prai Kuman, Pong Prai Tai Hong, Pong Prai Tai Tang Glom, ashes from 7 graveyards, and many old Pong Prai that were collected by Ajarn Apichai. What differs is the Takrut, which carries the kata and Yant for each Guardian Angel, and the source of one of the Prai. Water element Prai comes from a drowning, Earth element Prai comes from a road accident, Wind element Prai comes from a suicide by hanging, and Fire element Prai comes from a house fire.

If anyone wants their Guardian Angel to also have a personal Takrut in the back to boost connection further, it can be made. This is the Ong Kru and it is made by hand by Ajarn Apichai. There will be another listing for this piece or contact me directly.

In these pieces, the Prai supports the planet's astrological effect and therefore is only a source of supernatural material, there is no ghost. It goes on the East/North facing deity altar, and receives water, kata and incense (if you burn it) every day.

Offerings are fruit and flowers weekly, and it can share the offerings to the deity altar.

Measures 2.75" and each day comes with a different kata.

This is the greatest series or work that has been made in Thailand for some time.

Please copy the listing as it gets removed after selling out.

For Payment - Paypal payments now have a 7% sales tax due to changes in Paypal Thailand.

Standard trackable registered Post ($15) is now available to the USA, Europe, the UK, and Australia for parcels up to the value of $300. ALL orders over $300 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($55) and it gets there in 5 to 9 days. So on a big order it may be best to make single orders unless you need the box quickly.

If wanting to post using another system in Asia, please write to me and we can work it out.

The Guardian Angel Amulets for the Day of Birth by Ajarn Apichai

  • There are many forms of astrological magic in Thailand, and this is a rare one that benefits those who know their day of birth by bringing the angel for that day into their life.

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