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There is a tradition in Thailand of using the personal materials of famous monks and magical people and this exceptional piece is the hair from the legendary Luang Pu Kruba Noi of Wat Ban Pong, North of Chiang Mai. These amulets are known as 'Gae Saa' and are highly sought after when from famous monks because they potent items that bring great Metta and Good Fortune.

A trusted seller is passing on his father's collection of the hair of famous monks (but he has kept the best) that he collected between 25 and 40 years ago. This one is from around 40 years ago and was one of the first he acquired as close to his home in Chiang Mai. I bought the whole jar in the photographs and will be keeping one of these myself because items such as this are incredibly hard to find. Usually, I know how good something is as soon as I see it and this blew my mind but then getting them back again today in their 98% gold cases really hit home. Astonishing amulets.

When these appear from very famous monks (and Kruba Noi was one of the teachers of Ajarn Subin), they are eye wateringly expensive and beyong the reach of us normal mortals. One odd aspect was that each jar of hair (and the quantities varied wildly but the prices were pretty much the same - expensive) had a different essence and I would love the chance of buying one or two more before they go. The body of a highly magical monk becomes magic in itself and Gae Saa amulets (the Thai name for these) bring great Metta and good fortune.

This is a product sourced from a highly spiritual man who is from the lineage of Kruba Sri Wicha and I will gift Ajarn Subin a little from the jar when I take him my next book in remembrance of his Master. These are usually from very high monks but Ajarn Apichai also saves his hair and there's an amulet I would love which is just cotton wool with the tears of another famous Kruba that are regarded as the tears of an angel.

Measures 1" and no, i will not sell these without a gold case as too special an item. Gold adds value and respect to the item in equal measures.

An exceptional amulet and I actually took the hair to his temple to see the reaction of some of his life sized bucha there. They lit up!

The Hair of Luang Pu Kruba Noi in a Gold case - a Buddhist Relic

  • Relics from famous monks are especially sought after as they carry the essence of a Master Magician and highly spiritual person.