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Anyone who knows anything about the Burmese magical traditions will know what this is. This pyramid of Muan Sarn is the personal mixture of magical plants from Ajarn Sala Boon Khong, who is a specialist in Burmese magic and his items are WAY better than anyone else.

This amulet is akin to a Luk Om in Thai and are considered special in Burma. The antique versions of this type of amulet or the versions that come from the lineages of famous Weikza go for a lot of moneey but to be hoinest, from what I have experienced, this is just as good. These are for EVERYTHING, for protection, attraction - everything - and they are thought to lift the life. On the back of amulets to the Weikza, there are small versions of these mixtures and there are thousands of type that all offer advantages to life.

It measures 1.5" and is rather beautiful. With the energy coming from this you would think that it has prai, it is quite remarkable. I don't know how Ajarn Sala Boon Khong makes his amulets so strong.

The Herbal Mixture of Ajarn Sala Boon Khong - Burmese Magic!