This is a rare amulet that is made of a section of hip bone from a Phi Tai Thong Glom ghost, a 24 year old lady who died while pregnant and her name is available for the buyer. This style of amulet is now rarely found because access to the top materials is difficult due to a tightening of the law regarding such things so to find these is lucky.

Body parts from a Phi Tai Thong Glom are some of the most powerful sources in the Thai Occult and this is simply what it states, a section of her hip, which is especially powerful as she died while giving birth. This piece has been well cut and it being left open allows direct access to touch the hip of a powerful ghost and be able to call her by name. The last photo above also shows two single pieces, one of which was cut in half and sent to me. Tis is fresh bone that has been well dried and is very potent.

Prai such as this has no kata, you just connect with your mind and deal with her directly. Once you connect to the spirit you can work on deals together to get what you want in life but items such as this are renowned for attraction, good fortune and extreme protection.

Measures 2.5" and comes with a heavy silver top for hanging. Rare as hell.

Heavy prai makes me happy.

The Hip Bone of a named Phi Tai Tong Glom in silver

  • The HEAVY PRAI  category has items that are made from the top prai materials in the old fashioned way. So expect to see bone, top Panneng and fleshy parts of the body, or oils made from weird sources.

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