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The Incredible Phra Narai Song Puen Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - for future problems

This is one hell of an amulet.

The Muan Sarn contains the soils from 9 Temples, 7 graveyards, the four corners of the city, and 7 cremation pits. The plant content consists of Waan 108, and Waan Maha Gaan. The powders are Lae Nam Phi Powder, Leklai Ngauk Powder, Khiaw Hanuman ore powder, Trinisinghae Powder, and the powder from shaving an old sword made of Lek Nam Phi.

The Prai constituents include Pong Prai Tai Hong, Pong Prai that died on a Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday, Muslim Prai, old Panneng powder, and added to this was the ground powder from many old Phuttakhun amulets.

This amulet was blessed with the Wicha of Maha Gaan, which has the power for protection from all dangers. Anyone that wishes you harm or to harm you in any way will have their wish bounce back at them, to hurt them. The Wicha also has the power to swallow the bad things that come to you, and it also lessens any bad luck and bad fortune coming your way, as well as protect against bad curses and evil spirits.

The name of this amulets translates as Vishnu Holding Two Guns, and it represents the victory over war and the problems it brings. It also brings the power of prestige and the ability to gain victory over others, be it in war or not. It has Kong Grapan power against weaponry, and the avoidance of danger from all the forms of harm associated with war and chaos.

This carries a mysterious magic that will serve you well. Damn strong too.

Besides the ingredients listed above, the cabochon in the back contains meteorite and was made by Phra Ajarn O, which protects against bad astrology and recharges itself in supernatural places. This amulet is a marker of the rising confidence of Ajarn Apichai, which will serve us all well in the future.

A nice size at 2" and comes with Ajarn's card and a specific kata.

Superb ancient magic for the future that awaits.
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The Incredible Phra Narai Song Puen Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai

  • Ancient magic for protection during tumultuous times.

    Buckle up folks.

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