I thought I should list some top quality Buddhist amulets rather than you buying the unblessed rubbish online, and it is possible to get astonishing ones at an affordable price.

This is a stunning Jade Somdet Amulet that is called the Somdet Phra Khau and was made by Phra Ajarn O seven years ago. These were found in a box at the back of a shelf at his dealer's place in Bangkok.

This is a beautiful Somdet that has been cut from a good nephrite jade to show the image of a monk on a dias, Phra Krau was one of the teachers of Phra Ajarn O. This is why it has been cased in silver because it has been given blessings for the value of The Buddha (Puttakhun) and a blessing from the lineage evoked by his using one of his Kruba Ajarns to form the Somdet. Here, the figure is reached by 7 steps to denote the days of the week, which we should use to rise ttowards the qualities of the enlightened one. The back simply has some Akhara that has been picked out in gold and then the lot was blessed by Phra Ajarn.

This beautiful piece that brings Metta and good fortune, as well as protection from all forms of harm, including black magic. An exceptional piece of spiritual work that measures 2.25" and comes with tPhra Ajarns card and kata.

This item must be worn high on the body and any prai worn at the same time would go round the waist.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($45)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else.

The Jade Somdet Phra Khau Amulet by Phra Ajarn O - in silver

  • Pure Buddhist amulets (without Prai materials) are known as Puttakhun magic and they work in a gentler way but still offer sustained magical force.