THE Khun Paen Amulet that contains the Pong Prai Kuman of LP Timm - made in 2015

This was released seven years ago by the old temple of Luang Phor Timm, Wat Lahanrai and it contains some of his original Pong Prai Kuman powder. This used the original metal cast for the original amulets he released in the mid 70's, which brought him fame because of the raw power of it (I have held an original and wow).

Luang Pu Timm followed an ancient Wicha to collect and grind the corpse of a baby that had died while the mother was pregnant (effectively making it a Luk Krok). She also died on the best day (a Tuesday) and by following the old Wicha he produced the most famous Khun Paen ever made. His blessing was also legendary and I onece held a tiny metal Nang Kwak by him and it was incredible.

The temple periodically releases runs of original cast Khun Paen's because LP Timm continued to collect the best Prai available of the type he wanted to use to produce amulets to support his temple forever.

The kata is simply Namo Dtassa as the kata is already bound into this amulet. It is for money and strong good fortune, as well as being phenomenally beautiful in its simple silver case. It will be sent with the original temple box too as there is a small version of the amulet in there too for a bag or a pocket.

It measures 2.15" and comes in a fine silver case.

Classic Thai Magic.

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THE Khun Paen Pong Prai Kuman Amulet by LP Timm - Great Fortune

  • Khun Paen was the master magician, warrior and womaniser of legend and amulets to him bring strong attraction, protection, authority and good fortune. st of this type have an amazing prai source, which are the only ones i stock.
    The reading of the story of Khun Paen is vital for an understanding of the history of the Thai Occult, because this is the first reference to the making of a Kuman Thong in all Thai literature. Kuman is from the Sanskrit Kumar, which means son or Prince and Thong is gold, so the Kuman Thong is a golden spirit son. These spirit sons are derived from a child that died before or during birth, but the most powerful of these are the spirits of infants that died in their mother’s womb, along with the mother. These are believed to be especially potent, perhaps because they not only contained the energy of the life not lived with the child, but added to this is the protective energy of the mother. This ghost is classified as a Phi Tai Tang Glom, one of the most potent supernatural forces in Thai magic. Another famous form of these child spirits is a Luk Krok, a stillborn baby, small, and not fully developed. This is dried and kept as a powerful protective charm, to be nurtured and enchanted so it will love, and hence protect its Master. Both of these types can be astonishingly violent and powerful spirits, reputedly capable of killing people.  (The Thai Occult Book p328)