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I rarely buy Khun Paen amulets as there are so many 'ordinary' ones with nothing special about them but from Ajarn Apichai, they are all special. He is the Lanna Khun Paen and a Master at Maha Saneah attraction.

This amulet consists of 9 earths from 9 graveyards, 9 soils from 9 temples, 9 soils collected from the cardinal points of 9 ancient towns, 9 soils from 9 markets and the ashes of 9 people who died on a saturday and were cremated on a Tuesday. Add to this an extensive list of plants and oils and you have an amulet that is ALL active ingredients and no 'padding'. The Takrut is of a strong Heart Kata and the amulet was blessed to bind the spirits into one that is held tightly in the amulet.

The back of the amulet consists of a Salika bird for enchanted speech, two bone chips, two Heart Kata takrut and two stones from a highly spiritual mountain.

This Khun Paen helps with protection, the foresight of danger, good fortune and strong Saneah for anyone looking for lovers either of the same or opposite sex.

Measures  2.75" and comes with Ajarn Apichai's kata and a free Lersi amulet for your pocket.

The last of an old issue.

The Khun Paen Prai Maha Phut Amulet by Ajarn Apichai

  • Khun Paen is the warrior magician and lover of Thai legend and his amulets come in many forms. The Prai ones are the best to bring strong protection and draw prospective lovers close.