This is a great piece that is dedicated to the King of the Underworld (Phayayom Matchurat) and made by Ajarn Plian and helped bless by another 5 Ajarns from his lineage in South Thailand.

It is made from a mixture of melted Miit Mhors from many Ajarns as well as other metals. Phayayom Matchurat is like the watcher of the earth and his job is to watch over the humans on earth to check their fate, whether they will get good luck or bad luck etc. If someone has bad luck and praises him, he will help turn their fate around to be more positive. It is also believed that praising him brings a long and healthy life.

Carry this amulet to protect against bad things because you are carrying the King of the Underworld and other beings will be afraid of him. This amulet should not be below the waist.

Measures 2.1" and comes with Ajarns card and description in Thai.

A beautifully raw piece of Thai metallurgy that has been heavily blessed.

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The King of the Underworld Amulet by Ajarn Plian

  • It is part of Thai ways to praise gods and demons that normally terrify people to pursuade them to help with life, such as with Rahu and here with the king of the underworld.