This is the Kong Goi Prai locket from the renowned Ajarn Dang, and what a fine job he has made with this. It is rare to find an amulet to Kong Goi as she is a ghost of the forest that only has one leg and jumps on it going 'goi goi goi'. The front of the enamel locket shows the image of her well because of its black background and fine script in gold.

The back of this piece has some great female prai that is set into many Athan materials. I love the rough texture of the matrix and he has scripted the corners with what I think is the four elements, which were used in the construction of the piece to strengthen the spirit within. The bottom plate is both a Yant and the issue number.

The quality of the locket is super and it is a nice size. This amulet covers all the attributes and it should be carried with you. Everywhere you go it will bring support and affection, luck and good fortune, and it can be used for wishes of any type.

Measures 2.15" and comes with a kata and I suggest that you light 15 incense to the land spirits as this enters the home so they open the way.

I don't know how he has made this for this price, it is exceptional.

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The Kong Goi Prai Locket by Ajarn Dang

  • Female prai is the best when bringing some of the famous Thai ghosts into amulets for the benefits of devotees but it is very rare to see some types, like the Phi Ka, the Kong Goi and you also see some to the Phi Phob! Typical of the Thais to make even fearsome ghosts work for the benefit of the living.