This is an astonishing piece of type of Burmese Prai Occultism that is rare, and comes from Sala Joom, who is a student of a famous Burmese Prai Master called Sala Maven. We will hopefully interview Sala Joom soon to understand this maker more as the stuff he produces is excellent.

This exceptional and rare type of amulet is to Kru Bo Nam Ong, one of the Weiza and it works with that Weiza's ability to control ghosts and provide strong protection. The front just has a rough photo of this famous Weiza but the back is exceptional. The black matrix is a mix of the meat and blood powder from two male accident victims and into it he has pressed two Burmese Takrut and a Yant plate to activate, which are the Yant Kru of his Master.

There are four smalll balls of Yaa Sa Sa Tee to call for money and the strips at the sides are of Yaa Maha Rat Ta Ba Ree, which is the Yaa to control the ghosts to make them listen and be under your control. This Yaa makes ghosts drowsy and a bit drunk so are easier to be their boss. This amulet is to control ghosts and spirits, for strong protection and for money. It is a very rare type of Burmese Talisman and damn strong. This maker also never gives the ghosts names, which is typical with the Burmese system but there is a fab kata for it to bond with, which is very odd and repeated 6 times. The offerings are also odd in the this likes cigarettes and black coffee.
Measures 2.5" and I would suggest that you light 16 incense to the land spirits as this enters the home.

A stunning piece. LAST TWO

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The Kru Bo Nam Ong Prai Amulet by Sala Joom - Burmese Prai Magic

  • Male Prai can be used in many ways but most commonly for Prai Thong amulets and Prai Krasip, both of which are effective spells. Male prai is known for its potency and protection, like having a strong man by your side.