Ajarn Sala Boon Khong of Chiang Mai is one of the most astonishing magicians of his generation and the chance to get any of his work should be taken.

This is pure Burmese magic that also includes some top quality prai, which is an unusual mixture as Burmese magic is generally white magic. The body of this amulet is made from the bone powder from a Phi Tai Tong Glom, a lady who died while pregnant. There is some herbal element, and it is the small ball of materials that is at her navel, and that's it. No Takrut, nothing else and yet you have the feeling of high magic, which is one reason I love Burmese magic. This amulet is akin to a Mae Per in that she grants attraction, wishes, popularity and strong protection and all you need to do is connect to her, which is not difficult. There is no kata, you praise her directly. This amulet is astonishingly beautiful and feels as if from the ancient past.

Only 19 made.
Measures 2.25". Burmese items such as this like water, tea, fruit, cigarettes, alcohol but no sweets or raw meat please, unless the Burmese item has prai and you put your mind to them, find them with your mind, which with items like this is easy.

All the talismans of Ajarn Sala Boon Khong are made in limited numbers.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($45)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else.

The LAST Gaa Wun Amulet by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong - Burmese Prai Magic

  • Finding good Burmese magic is extremely difficult because it is kept with the various cults. Now that some Ajarns in Thailand are learning the magic, it is they who are passing on some of the benefits of the Burmese magical way.