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The Phra Pidtaa with Kruba Ajarn Ashes by Ajarn Apichai - in gold plated silver - last two

This is another remarkable example of what can be made when using the remains of a famous monk to bring the ultimate in Metta and of the greatest benefit to life. - only 10 made. This bone came via Ajarn Nan Ting and is from one of his teachers, Kruba Sing Kaew of Wat Paa Kham, who was known and loved in Northern Thailand. His bone glowed.
The main materials in this piece are the Pong Waan Saneah Jan Hom, the 5 Phuttakhun powders, and the Kruba Ajarn ashes from the bone showed in the photo above. It was blessed to have the prestige power of the Kruba Ajarn as if he made the Phra Pidtaa himself, and it was then blessed by Ajarn Apichai using the Phra Pidtaa book kata. The silver Takrut in the rear boosts the power of the Kruba Ajarn to enable the greatest benefit to the life of the bearer, and droplet above it is a water element Leklai Ngun Yuang to boost the luck and fortune element of this remarkable piece. To the front is a real ruby from Burma.
This amulet has the power for Metta Mahaniyom at the greatest level to bring love and support from those in higher authority. It brings luck and fortune, is famously good for business because it makes people like you and banishes all dangers.

With this containing the relic bones of an Arahant monk, it is treated like a lower level Phra Thaat and goes on the deity altar, not with the Prai. This is an important amulet.

These measure 1.55" in its gold plated silver case that comes with Ajarn Apichai's card and kata.

You will not see these again....

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THE LAST Phra Pidtaa with Kruba Ajarn Ashes by Ajarn Apichai

  • We have had some remarkable bone products of late, which are slowly being made into talismans which follow the wishes of the monk or Ajarn present in the piece. Monks tend to want to bring Metta and its related forms but the two Ajarns we have used have wanted different roles, with Ajarn Narong taking the role of a teacher and Phor Sala Tan being more of a life coach (in my opinion). I am keeping oen of all these pieces as the chances to own relics such as this are rare.

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