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Sometimes, a talisman that is considered legendary in Thai Occultism comes onto the market and these came from Ajarn Perm Rung. This is the green See Pung from Luang Phor Taab, who was born 142 years ago and he started to make this when he was 80 after a lifetime in the monkhood. He spent 4 years to collect the mixture for this See Pung and it became very famous in his region for bringing a lover/partner and great fortune.

It was not easy to get the See Pung from him and they had to spend many nights at the temple. Luang Phor had to see the patience in that person before he would sell any and whoever obtained this See Pung said that it has a high quality of Metta Maha Niyom. His devotees never used this balm, instead casing it as an amulet. Luang Phor said that whoever had this See Pung and wanted to use to attract a lover, they had to stay with that lover and if that was the case, great fortune would also come.

It is odd that Ajarn Perm Rung cased the biggest piece of this See Pung (he had quite a lot, all authenticated) for his wife in a heart shaped gold case and within three days they had one of the biggest sales they have ever had (Khun Mo now wears it all the time!). Ajarn Apichai also recognised this See Pung immediately when he saw it in my bag after getting it cased and was a little awe struck. It is astonishing stuff, has prai and is oddly beautiful. I bought a Khun Paen made from this See Pung by LP Taab and it has gone into my personal collection, it is 'other worldly'.

I have got 2 pieces and have cased them in silver. They measure 1" each and only need the Namo Dtassa chant and for us to be a good person. Incredibly rare.

The Legendary Green See Pung Prai by Luang Phor Taab