This is a famous amulet from 22 years ago from a famous old monk called Luang Phor Rit (when he was 80), who has built his temple in Buriram, a poor area of Thailand. LP Rit was a Master of Eastern Thai, Laoation and Cambodian Wicha, which he learned while on prolonged Tudong through the region. He became well known primarily through this amulet, which is from old stock but is also admired for his Buffalo Horn Jingjoks and his work with prai.

This amulet consists of a figure that has been made from a mix of copper and brass and has then has a See Pung applied. This See Pung is a mixture that includes Prai Kuman ashes, for which LP Rit was famous that has been mixed with a See Pung Prai from the legendary LP Timm that includes his Prai Kuman too. This amulet brings exceptional good fortune via two monks famous for their abilities that were acquired through a lifetime being a monk and the best training of their day. The feeling is like the green see pung of LP Taab, another legendary item in The Thai Occult and this is a cheap price for what it is. Magic from a bygone world.

Measures 0.75" and items such of this come from the greatest generation of magical Thai monks.

Only needs Namo Dtassa as a kata, which is great because items such as this normally have long kata.

The Legendary Luk Krok Tewarit by Luang Phor Rit (1998)

  • This is a legendary item but it is not a Luk Krok itself, it is a mixture of See Pung Prai Kuman that attracts great fortune in the same way as the Luk Krok. A rare and efficient amulet from Thailand's strongly magical past.

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