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The Mask of Lersi Narai by Luang Pu Nong - 2009 - Protection Authority

Luang Pu Nong was of the great generation, a monk renowned for traveling the realms and his work with the Lersi. This is one of the last examples of his work I can find as he and his generation have now all passed.

This is the Mask of Phra Narai (Naraiya), and it is a potent work of beauty. It is cast from lead Yant plates that carried this magic, and I love the use of lead as it always holds the magic well. The Muan Sarn is of herbs and sacred soils and pressed into it are three Takruts, a piece of the robe of Luang Pu and a ball of Leklai. The items present are there to lift the levels of protection for the bearer, which includes but Kong Grapan, Klaew Klaat and also protection while traveling. There is also an element of authority with this piece and the attributes that aid the life, such as good fortune.

To praise the Ruesi use 9 incense and offerings of fruits, betel if you can get it, cigarettes or tobacco, and water. Praise at least every Thursday

The amulet is from a time when this sort of work was prevelant via the great generation of magical monks, so to find a few more examples of it from old stock was a joy.

This is a mysterious magic that will serve you well.

A nice size at 3.1" and comes with Luang Pu's card and a specific kata.

Superb ancient magic that can be used by all because it contains no Prai.
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LAST THREE Mask of Lersi Narai by Luang Pu Nong - 2009 - Protection/Authority

  • The Lersi are the deities and Master magicians of ancient times and they come in many forms to benefit life and to guide those on a path of magic.

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