The Luk Om Prai Saneah Amulet by Ajarn Apichai in silver with red lab Ruby Heart
This has been made from the Nam Man Prai from a pregnant woman, a prai oil from an accident victim, a Luk Krok oil, the soil from 7 graveyards, the ashes of a pregnant lady, ashes from an accident victim and Prai Kuman ashes. Added to this were the herbal elements of Waan Saneah Jan, the See Pung Mon Phi Rak, the See Pung Jaed Dta Toot, a See Pung made from boiling a Yoni and the see Pung Gai Daeng.
This has been blessed with a Prai Saneah Wicha to bring great strength with the attributes of Saneah and Metta Maha Niyom to bring love and desire from others, which includes people of any sex, any gender and any age. It brings success in matters of love and with knowing the people around you as well as general luck and fortune.
There are two versions of this Luk Om and this the so called normal issue with a lab made red ruby heart. There is no Takrut in this amulet as that was only necessary for the Ong Kru and is has been specially cased, which befits this piece. I have tried to keep this affordable and have made a special case for it in plastic to enhance its look. I adore simple, potent magic like this, it is hard to beat. This piece carries an excess of Saneah and good fortune and the difference in the colour of the stones brings a slightly different power but both are exceptional amulets.

A nice size at 2" and comes with Ajarns card and kata in a fantastic case, which was done by monks earning money for their temple.

Top Prai Magic.

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The Luk Om Prai Saneah Amulet by Ajarn Apichai LAST ONE

  • The element of Saneah can take many forms and can be directed towards any sexual orientation, which today are numerous. Items that come from a top magician or a magician that has a life of Saneah are valuable pieces because it is not only attraction that is important for love and sex, it also works with all encounters, be they for business, negotiations, in court, when having problems etc. The only reservation I would add here is that the best way to use it is without malicious intent. Saneah works best when it is free to act on others without thought or manipulation.