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The Luk Om Prai Song Wang by Ajarn Apichai in silver

This was made from an old collection of Prai that includes the last of Cherry Ann, one of Ajarn Apichai famous sources of potent magic. This collection was received from a Kruba Ajarn a long time ago, which was then mixed with Pong Prai Tai Hong, Pong Prai from a person who died on a Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday, and Pong Prai Tai Tang Glom. Pong Prai Kuman Nong Ping is also part of the collection in this mix! To this collection Ajarn added the soils from 7 graveyards, and then cased it with a mix of Maha Wisaet oil, and Nam Man Prai Nong Ping.
This Luk Om was blessed to help the granting of wishes, to bring success, and it also acts as a medium for all other Prai Kuman amulets. This helps to make the connection with amulets that you may have at home from Ajarn Apichai. It also has the power of protection from curses, and helps keep any Prai you have under control.

This has a real kick to it, and looks great in its silver case.

An item from another world as most of the sources of Prai in this have now been used up.

A nice size at 1.4" and it comes in a silver case with the Ajarns card and a specific kata.

Classic Prai Magic.

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The Luk Om Prai Song Wang by Ajarn Apichai in silver - for connection

  • Prai Luk Om's are a simple way to bring ghost magic to your life as it is usually just a ball of remains with herbs and a blessing. These can be as famous of the Png Prai Kuman by LP Timm, or the work of Phra Ajarn Noo, who ground down the bones of dead soldiers during WW2 to benefit the living and the dead.

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