The Mae Kali Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - to benefit life       5

Ajarn Apichai has become quite famous for being able to travel the spiritual realms and this is his astonishing Kali Prai locket, which has been made to help with the astrology for this year. I asked Ajarn what attribute we needed most in 2022 and he said protection, its a crazy year.

The mix on the back is the same as the Master version of this Kali in that it contains 108 types of Waan Maha Saneah, Waan Saneah Jan, and Saneah Yaa Faet powders, soil from 9 Temples, 7 Graveyards and 4 corners of the city. The Prai has 7 types of Prai Tai Hong powders, 7 Tai Tang Glom powders, the ashes from a widow and then also from a widower. There are also 7 Prai Kuman ashes, Nam Man Prai from a dead pregnant lady, Nam Man Prai from the Yoni of a widow.

The Putakhun powders include Ittijay Saneah powders, Maha Raat Saneah powder, the Maha Toot of 4 powders and many old Muan Sarn plants that was collected from the teachers of Ajarn Apichai. During the blessing of this, Ajarn called Mae Kali into it and used the 4 elements and 32 parts of the body to boost the power of the amulet. Ajarn also summoned the power from the Universe and the stars (which is why the blessing was outside), which brings the power to overcome.

The Kali is blessed by Mae Kali and the only real difference between this and it’s brother amulet, the Baphomet is the difference in the actions of the sexes. Female ghosts and deities bring a really strong edges of hard protection, which can sometimes be a surprise, and while the male is more forceful the Kali is the destroyer, the vengeful feminine force of nature.

This beautiful amulet covers ALL the attributes. Protection from dangers, protection from dark magic, to remove the bad things close to you and it has also been given a great power for Saneah as attraction is also one of the best protectors. It also brings love, luck, fortune, success and wealth and they can receive any wish.

The first time this amulet enters the home, it is praised pigs blood, or for better connection, prick your finger and put a little blood on the locket. This action both bonds the owner to the deity and shows his faith in the construction of Ajarn Apichai. Blood will always be the preferred offering to this remarkable amulet but after the first time it can be from a pig, cow or chicken.

The actual enamel locket is" in its case and it comes with a dedicated kata. If you have other Ajarn Apichai amulets and use his ALL Amulets kata, this also boosts the good fortune and Saneah from this amulet as the Kali kata is primarily to bring the ferocity from Kali to protect her bearer.

Only 15 made and this differs from the Ong Kru because it is a little smaller and the Takrut are of three metals rather than silver. It is a magnificent amulet.

Ground breaking magic.

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The Mae Kali Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - to benefit life

  • Yes, there are amulets to Kali in The Thai Occult as there are to most Indian gods. Kali protects her devotees and keeps men underfoot as well as providing attraction and great fortune. I wish there were more Kali amulets, I love the artistry of them.