This is an exceptional piece of prai magic from Ajarn Krit, who has made this larger sized Luk Om from the remains of pregnant ladies, using 19 bodies in all. When pregnant ladies die the prai Ajarns will try and save some of each for the purpose of using their remains with other similar remains. For this to work it has to be an auspicious number of ghosts so you see 9 body, 19 body, 39 body and 59 body, as with the work of Ajarn Pleng.

This simple looking piece contains the meat and bone these pregnant ladies and something very special, the humerus liquid from the eyes of one, Mae Pohjai who was 27 when she died. This prai helps to look for the way this is blessed, which is for money, saneah and strong protection, and ghosts like these are brilliant at protection as they have the ferocity of a mother protecting their child. The Luk Om has been sealed and Yants added, and it is the simplicity of this piece makes it very wearable, I like powerful items that are innocent looking.

I have 3 of these, which are a fine example of the work of an exceptional Ajarn. This Luk Om cannot be kept in the bedroom as Mae Pohjai will come and fuck you in your dreams and such your life force away. It is a powerful item that is well controlled but you must remember this rule.

A nice size at 1.75" and comes with its own kata in a lovely silver case.

Wonderful Prai Magic.

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The Mae Pohjai Luk Om Amulet by Ajarn Krit Payak in silver

  • A Luk Om is simply a ball of active materials that brings various effects to the life of the bearer. Most are pure Buddhist magic but the ones with a real kick have prai, and they are both discreet and deceptively strong.