I love the old style of raw prai magic and this is a fantatstic example from 9 years back from the Prai Master, Ajarn Verataep, which was when he started making amulets for the general public. This is the Kuman Thong Maha Thut edition from 10 years ago and one of the first KMT's made by Ajarn Verataep, who is brilliant at Kuman Thong.

This is cast from a collection of Athan materials, such as Pong Prai Kuman, the ashes from a cremation, soils from 7 graveyards, soils from 7 fields, and also from 9 markets, 9 temples, 9 shores as well as 7 provinces, 7 cities and 7 termite hills, which provides a huge foundation for this piece. It also contains Nam Man Prai and many other potent materials. It was cast into shape showing 3 Kuman on the front and was blessed 7 times . The rear has the Yant for the 5 Buddhas that was also used on the back of the Khun Paen by LP Timm, so this is a highly traditional piece made at the beginning of his career. Even his photo is old and finding this in old stock was surprising as it is from such a renowned Ajarn.

With this amulet the owner should say the kata regularly to bring success, good fortune and business luck but the Wicha says not to put gold leaf on this golden boy. He just needs kata, simple offerings such as red fanta and sweets and then merit when he does well. As with the Yant on the back I think Ajarn has moved the spirit on but kept the power in the traditional way for many Pong Prai Kuman items. This has a great energy and this type of talisman can be astonishingly rewarding amulets.

This is a classic top example of the ancient art of making Kuman Thong.

Measures 2.3" and comes with an old kata from Ajarn and a very different card.

Ancient magic.

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The Maha Kuman Thong Amulet by Ajarn Verataep in silver 2012

  • As with many Thai people, Ajarn Verataep had the opportunity to witness Ajarns performing Saiyasart magic from a young age. Seeing its effects brought a keen interest in magical practices, which grew to become a significant part of Ajarns life, and it remains this way to this day. As with many practitioners, the learning first started by attending local rituals and there was once a curing ritual that was held by the village witch doctor (Mhor Phi) that had a profound effect on Ajarn as a young boy. At the age of 10, he actively started to look into studying the magical arts, and has never stopped since that time.

    The monks and people in the village were very helpful with regard to his pursuit of knowledge, but as soon as age permitted, Ajarn started to travel to other towns to study magic in places such a Phitsanulok, Nakhon Sawan, Uthai Thani and Buriram. He studied with different monks, some of whom were from Cambodia and their Wicha knowledge was extensive. Some of them passed on old Wicha books which aided the study of the Khom script (the script prevalent in the central regions, Esaan and Cambodia itself) as well as the use of kata for spells, but the most important aspect of studying magic is the practice of building the psyche. Everyone, with some effort, can chant and learn about the katas for spells, but to make it effective it must come from an iron psyche.

    If Ajarn makes a Golden Boy and wants it to be powerful, it has to have the correct Wicha and be constructed using both a dominant psyche and good Samathi. Meditation is the best method to raise the abilities of one’s psychic power and contemplation, and continual practice is essential. The deeper the practice of meditation, the better the psyche and hence, the better the results when using that power.

    From the Thai Occult book p226