The Moew Pet Chin Ma Burmese Amulet by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong

This is another amulet from Ajarn’s collection of Burmese Wicha and this deity/Nat is often given to children to wear and her statues are common on the shrines of Burmese magicians/devotees. The lady in the image is the protector of children but for an adult it protects against rivals or enemies that wish you harm.

The locket itself is beautifully simple. The enamel front has the usual image of this Nat on her dias with a baby in her lap. The latrix at the back is very strange indeed as it is light yellow but the central Yaa is special and feels like it has life. There is no prai in this piece but Burmese Yaa magic often has enough power without prai, for which it is renowned. Their herbal mixtures are their strength and few have the knowledge or ability to make them.
There is no kata for this piece, just focus and make a wish. Put your mind within the amulet and wish within it. The praising is done when you carry it but the important thing is to connect to her with your mind and call on her when you need her help. This talisman is actually constructed so that she prefers to serve rather than demand offerings, she is there to help but a strong psyche always gets the best results with Burmese magic.

I love Burmese magic.

It measures 2.2" and is strong Magic from an accomplished Burmese Magician.

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The Moew Pet Chin Ma Amulet by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong - protect against harm

  • Burmese Magic is mysterious and strange and currently very popular as it brings changes to life that we cannot explain. It is famous for its Yaa mixtures, which are combinations of rare plants and specific rituals that can take many months but produce something exceptional. These mixtures are often handed down through the generations of Masters that follow.