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The Nam Man Prai Mae Phomhom by Ajarn Apichai - 2019

Her name translates as the lady with the sweet smelling hair, which comes from a supernatural occurance where the hair of the prai corpse does smell sweet.
It was made from the hair of a female prai who died on a Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday. This was then mixed with Nam Man Saneah Jan Hom, a see pung wax that was used to seal the lips of a corpse, and then Dok Rakson plant was mixed in for its extreme Saneah.

The Takrut Maha Poot is in the oil, and it was blessed to have a spirit body within, that was especially created for Saneah and Metta Mahaniyom. This oil brings love and support from people of higher authority and those older than you, as well as the life enhancing attributes to bind people to you already mentioned. This makes this oil great for business, bringing influence and persuasion over lovers and binds people with sex. It can be carried in the pocket or dabbed on a partner in very small amounts. It is also possible to periodically put on the third eye in a tiny quantity, like dipping in a tooth pick.  Oils of this quality can also grant wishes, which are asked after making an offering of food (ccoked rice is enough) and a shot of white liquor.

I love magic oils, and this one is remarkable.

The bottle measures 2" and I have 4. It comes with Ajarn's card and specific kata.

Classic Prai magic.

Please copy the listing as it gets removed after selling out.

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The Nam Man Prai Mae Phomhom by Ajarn Apichai - 2019

  • Great Prai oils are now rare, so we are going to try to provide some of the best ones from the past decade until they have all disappeared. Good Phuttakhun oils are easier to find but the fun comes when trying to find the unusual varieties of the oils that can help with your life. This is daily magic for the important times in life.

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