The Nam Man Hong Prai Saneah Phom Hom by Ajarn Apichai was made from the hair of a Prai Tai Hong, ashes from 7 graveyards, See Pung Prai, three different prai oils, Dok Rak Sorn flowers and 7 prai Panneng from different skulls. This oil has been blessed for one month, which included sessions in Ajarn's graveyard and it has a spirit body within it. Ajarn is brilliant at constructing magic in this manner and is one of the few who make good Nam Man Prai at this time.
What makes this special is that there are two usages for this oil.
The first is if you wish to use it for love. Praise it before using by offering a glass of white wine, a piece of raw pork and light one incense. Then say So Sa A Nee - 3 times and Sa A Nee Saw - 3 times to call the spirit to receive the offering, then speak your wish regarding the person you want to attract and tell the spirit their name (I can record these short kata to help). Finish this process by saying Nee Saw Sa A - 7 times. This Nam Man Prai is then used by applying it on that person, placing it on their clothes or the things they use often, like a chair or door handles. The actions to use NMP in this way are rare and take a Master of the art to have the confidence to let people use his NMP in this way, but here it is designed for this purpose.
The second usage is to use it without any needing offering by saying the kata Saw Sa A Nee - 3 times and then Sa A Nee Saw - 3 times and just make the wish for general attraction, support from people around you, good fortune, money and for a warning of approaching dangers. It can be carried around in this way to fulfil this purpose.

This Nam Man Prai is as good as anything you will find by any maker and contains both hair, bone and plant mixtures. Ajarn considers that using the hair of a female Phi Tai Hong is particularly important in this mix as it carries the oil in their hair when they were alive and provides direct access to the spirit within this oil. In this way, it makes accessing the spirit in an easier fashion and gaining its help with all the problems of love and the heart.

As offerings, give some cooked rice for food maybe once a week, alcohol when she has been working well and merit when life is going well. Merit is like honey to this spirit.

The bottlemeasures 2" and comes with Ajarn's card.

Highly Supernatural magic.

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The Nam Man Prai Saneah Phom Hom by Ajarn Apichai

  • This is one of THE classic products from the Thai Occult system and the old way is to tap it from the corpse of a dead pregnant lady but now the Wicha is much wider than that. Finding top Nam Man Prai is never easy but when it comes along it is incredibly helpful in life.