Namman Maha Phit Sawat by Ajarn Phrot

This is one of those very strange forms of Wicha from the North, which has been followed by the legendary Ajarn Phrot. This oil is made from a mix of strange and rare plants plus a form of prai, because this does not feel like it is just plants unless they were plants from a graveyard.

This oil is for sex enchantment and it is placed on the penis. If wearing a condom, put onto the skin at the base of the shaft and it enchants the lover to come back again and again. It can be used by married couples, lovers and same sex couples. It is an old favourite of sex workers and can also be put on the yoni to bond a customer to them.

It comes in a small bottle with a roller top and is an incredibly rare thing.

The bottle measures 1.75" and there are very few oils as good as this. It comes with Ajarns card and a kata to recite while wearing it.

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The Namman Maha Phit Sawat Oil by Ajarn Phrot for sex enchantment

  • There are thousands of recipes for making magic oils, be they prai or just herbal and while all are effective, only a few makers are real experts at this process. These makers produce oils that have the ability to change the life of the person who owns it, which is something the Thais really understand.