The Nang Kwak Waad Sanaa Chintamunee was made 5 years ago from my favourite Burmese maker, Kruba Apiwat, who is originally from mandalay and is from the lineage of Kruba Wat Mai Hong.
This cute amulet was made with the mixture of Waad Sanaa Chintamunee powders from Luang Pu Jeua, and Ittijae Powders from many famous monks including Luang Phor Khuay. There are also Phetphayathorn powders from the Kom Cave in Surat Thani, Metta Mahasaneah powders from Ajarn Bhum, Pong Maharat soil from 7 salt pits, the soil from 7 shores and many other mixtures, including the famous Yaa Surasatee and Kruba Apiwat himself.
This Nang Kwak should be carried to bring wealth from business and Metta Mahaniyom from everyone close by. The Burmese system is remarkable because of these mixtures and the training taken to pull strong magic from these sources, which is highly valued by the Thais.

Amulets such as this need pure offerings, enjoying green bananas, unopened coconuts, pineapple as a fruit, sweet smelling flowers, scents, and a jar of honey on the altar. Praising Burmese items has a simple beauty that astounds.

This is a great Yaa mixture that comes in a dedicated case that measures 1.4". As is often the case, there is no kata for this piece, just praise, connect and wear often for the best results.

I adore Burmese magic.

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Orders over $200 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50).
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The Nang Kwak Waad Sanaa Chintamunee by Kruba Apiwat

  • Burmese magic and the way it is made has great mystery to it, which will be investigated over the coming years. The power they manage to instill into their herbal mixtures is legendary and of great demand.