Ajarn Sala Boon Khong is one of the great magicians of this region and this is an old locket from Ajarn where he used a Central Thai Wicha with the spirit of a drowned lady called Nang Lao Kham. The image is superb and this one comes from around 5 years ago.

The matrix includes the soil from 7 graveyards, 7 salt pits, 7 shores and the dirt from around the Phra Thaat of 7 important temples. There’s also the dirts from 7 forests and 7 termite hills and this Wicha is ancient, which is the final time he used Thai Wicha before he switched to Burmese magic. The back has a cooffin nail, a Takrut spell, a bone chip and a prai oil for Saneah from the same body source. I love how greasy this back is, like digging out a grave with your hands.

Instead of using the original spirit, which was quite wild, Ajarn used the 4 elements and called on the 32 parts of the body to create her spirit anew to be of service to others. She now acts as a servant to help with pretty much any aspect of life such as love, strong protection, business and basically anything you can think of to aid your life. The important thing is to connect to her with your mind and call on her when you need her help and she likes alcohol as a periodic offering but is actually constructed so that she prefers to serve rather than demand offerings.

Measures 2.25" and comes with no kata, just connect and go but I would suggest that you light 15 incense to the land spirits as this enters the home so they open the way.

A stunning piece from one of the greatest magicians I know.

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The Nang Lao Kham Prai Amulet by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong - to benefit life

  • The Nang Prai is one of my favourite spells as it is fiercely protection and good for the more gentle things in life like Saneah, enchantment and good fortune. Female prai at its best.
    With being from a top magician this amulet has the power to surprise.