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The Ohm Saneah Yaa Faet Powder by Ajarn Apichai
This is a powerful herbal mixture that has to be combined with the powder from three hearts and water from a specific source.
The powder is used to mix with food and if eaten by a lover they will be bound to you, only thinking of you and will not be unfaithful. If you mix a little of this with make up it will bring strong attraction. It can also be placed in a case and worn to also bring attraction. The powder the three hearts is the powder from the dead skin on the forehead, the dead skin on the chest and the dead skin from between your legs, and the only water source to be used to combine this mixture is your saliva. This same mix can be put into water and drunk by YOU to attract a lover and enchant them through sex.
This is an ancient Wicha, one of the original forms of Yaa Faet. This Yaa Faet has also been mixed with chalk to write the Yantra for Saneah and then rubbed out and added to the mix. This is like 'rolling magic', constantly being used with more power added each time.
The bottle measures 1" and comes with Ajarns card and kata which is said before you mix the Yaa Faet with anything or before you wear it. Can be used in small amounts for the same effect.

The Ohm Saneah Yaa Faet for Attraction by Ajarn Apichai

  • Yaa Faet is a legendary substance that is used to bind a lover to you and it can be used in a few ways, including putting in their food.
    Ancient magic.

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