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The Ong Kru Khun Paen Kuman Na Na Thong Amulet by Ajarn Apichai in silver

There are only 10 of each of this series of Khun Paen amulets being made.

This Khun Paen is the first of the great Ong Kru versions made by Ajarn Apichai as he explores the Wicha of this classic style of amulet through The Thai Occult 3 Book. Na Na Thong means 'golden face', which is why gold leaf has been applied to the face of Khun Paen.

The main material for this comes from the remarkable Pong Prai Kuman Nong Ping, both through crushed bones and ashes, as well as Pong Prai Islam. There is the soil from 7 Graveyards, 7 Temples, a graveyard for the abandoned and unknown, a Chinese graveyard, an Islamic graveyard, and the 4 corners of Chiang Mai. The herbs include Wahn 108, Wahn Saneah Jan Hom, Wahn Saneah Jan Daeng, Wahn Dok Thong, Wahn Kuman Thong and Wahn Khun Paen Sakot Tab. The powders include the Pong Maharaat, Pong Ittijae and Pong Pattaman, as well as powder Leh Thaat Phra Sivali and Leh Nam Phi.

Please note here that Ajarn used one more phial of a remarkable old Nam Man Prai that he collected himself when a Novice monk (he was 12) to help bind the ingredients ad well as Nam Man Prai Tai Tang Glom, and 9 types of Nam Man Wahn Saneah. The Takrut is the Na Lin Thong for enchanted speech, and it was blessed with the Wicha Khun Paen Pluk Prai Kuman.

This superb amulet is for a universal sexual attraction, to bring love and relationships for whatever sex takes your fancy. It also brings luck, fortune, business, money and the support from a person with a higher authority, such as your boss or older family member. Ajarn also added the Wicha Na Na Thong to this to bring more power to boost the attraction and prestige that shows in your face. This is important because it is the face that advertises us to the world.
This magnificent amulet is great for Saneah attraction and Metta from people around you and easing the passage of life. Good for love, sex and business, and is Ajarn's version of the classic form of Khun paen from Luang Phor Timm. The stone at the front is a real ruby from the Burmese border, there is also a Jade on the back and the Takruts are made of silver.

They don't get better than this.

Measures 2.25", and comes with the card and kata of Ajarn Apichai

Classic Thai Magic

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The Ong Kru Khun Paen Kuman Na Na Thong Amulet by Ajarn Apichai in silver

  • Khun Paen was the warrior, womaniser and magician of legend. It was his story that carried the ways of magic of that time (the 1600's) forward through its telling. It is full of references to Panneng, Hoon Payon, enchantment, ghosts, baby roasting and more. Amulets to him generally have Prai and are made for Saneah, Authority, Protection and Enchantment, or a combination of one or all of those attributes.

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