There is a vast Wicha for Tiger Magic in Thailand and there are many fine makers with great potency. Tiger magic fulfils many roles, including authority, invincibility, protection from all harm, the banishing of curses and any black magic thrown your way and because of all this, a huge rise in your natural good fortune.

Pho Nan Som made this Suea Yen amulet two years ago using a mix of Tiger oil and herbs with a pure gold Takrut. A Suea Yen has the power of authority, while bringing luck, Saneah and wealth but it is not widely known Wicha although it has a long history. The Suea Yen is a person who has succeeded with the Kru Suea Wicha and can turn themselves into a Tiger. It is regarded as a ‘hot’ Wicha and it needs extreme control or there is a danger of it turning vicious, as with the story from Wat Muen Saan of Chiang Mai. An old monk there could not control the power of this Wicha and ended up attacking the villagers after luring them into a quiet place and wanting to eat them. This legend also says that this Suea Yen was defeated by a merchant who had great Wua Thanu powers and used it to kill the Suea Yen.

Another type of Suea Yen is a person who can control the power of the Wicha and can turn back and forth between a Tiger and a Human, such as with the legend of Kruba Som from Wat Paa Daet in Chiang Mai. The story states that his Luksits saw him when he turned into a Tiger but he used to power for invincibility and to gain prestige rather than to attack others. The magic of the Suea Yen can be used in any way depending on the person using the amulet. Phor Nan Som is from Mae Orn, Chiang Mai has a collection of ancient Sak Yant and is renowned for both his Waan and his Suea Yen Wicha, that was passed on from his teacher. You may also notice that all the great makers of the Suea Yen, Ajarn Pornsit, Ajarn Ting and here, Phor Nan Som all have a unique design, which is related to how they emody the Wicha.
The amulet measures 2.15" in its fine silver case and comes with the card and kata of Phor Nan Som.

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The Ong Kru Suea Yen Amulet by Phor Nan Som - in silver

  • Tiger magic is extensive in this region and comes from the ancient animist past. Generally for authority but they also offer extreme protaction from any source, even the nether world.