This is the lastest limited release from Ajarn Tay of Chiang Mai, the old Luksit of Phor Sala Tan and here he has gained the help of some of the top monks of the region to construct this fine Gold Mae Takien amulet, with this one being the Ong Kru and there were only 9 made.

Six years ago in Lamphun, a villager decided to cut down a big Takien tree to use the wood for a pillar in a temple but there were many stange incidents regarding the felling and when trying to remove the stump. In the end the stump was given to the head monk of Doi Paa Than Buddhist Centre and he decided to keep it in the temple to protect the locals. A group of Karen people were later staying overnight in the temple and there were many strange incidents in the viscinity of the wood. A woman with a small child was often seen at night near the stump and the head monk carved the stump into a 1.5m female statue with a small child. People then started to come to ask this Mae Takien for wishes, which were often granted so they returned with offerings of make up, clothes and toys.

These amulets consist of the remnants left after the making of the statue and they have been blessed by 9 top Kruba's of the region. I have numbers 6, 7 and 8 of the 9 Ong Kru released and these feel like something rather special. Just follow the way the locals have used the statues and let it bring boon to your life.

Measures 2" and comes with Ajarn Tay's kata.

Superb Lanna Magic.

The Ong Kru Takien Thong Somporm Amulet by Ajarn Tay

  • The Takien tree is famous in Thailand for holding a particularly strong spirit that is superb for enchantment, protection and good fortune but wood amulets to her are rare as the tree is protected.