This is an old issue from Phra Ajarn O that I found while going through the boxes of a shop that was closing down in bangkok. It comes from 9 years ago and I have never seen this before, an amulet to Paet Panan, a Burmese Nat but a deity rather than the low down dirty prai Nats.

This is pure Burmese magic that has a fine pink matrix into which has been pressed 5 hand written silver Takruts and Yant plate of a style that again, I have never seen before. Phra Ajarn O has many contacts in Burma and releases some amazing items but generally, also seeks the help of Burmese Kruba Ajarns in blessing his pieces.

I love the image on the front as it is a figure in traditional costume that is surrounded by Burmese script on three sides and then by an ancient almost cuniform script at the base. An astonishing and rare piece that protects from all forms of harm, particularly while traveling and brings good fortune to business adventures.
Measures 2.1" in its case and has no kata. Burmese items such as this like offerings of  water, tea, fruit, cigarettes, alcohol and honey.

The Paet Panan Amulet by Phra Ajarn O LAST ONE

  • Finding good Burmese magic is extremely difficult because it is kept with the various cults. Now that some Ajarns in Thailand are learning the magic, it is they who are passing on some of the benefits of the Burmese magical way.

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