The Palang Jakawaa Amulet by Ajarn Apichai   5
This amulet has been constructed through a deep knowledge of astrology to adjust the balance of fate for the person who carries this remedial talisman. The exceptional design to the front has many parts in its construction and it follows an old tradition of Thai Remedial Astrology amulets.
The middle part of the design represents the earth and the human and the designs round the outside are for 8 stars - the Sun, The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Venus and each one has exerts an influence on our fate and this amulet is a remedial talisman that helps to bring balance from these influences.
The part that represents the human is the five point star, each point of which represents a different form. The first is the physical appearance, the second is the emotions, the third is our thoughts and mind, the fourth represents the changes within us that comes through time and fifth is the spirit. The script around it contains the Heart kata for the 4 elements, the Heart kata for Mae Thoranee, the goddess of the earth, and the Heart kata Phuttakhun for good fortune.
The amulet helps to adjust the changing attributes that come from astrological influences. It boosts luck and good fortune when that drops, helps to turn the fate around from bad to good, and it adjusts the elements within the body to help with health when the astrology brings sickness. It lessens the bad effects of difficult astrology and generally smoothes out the passage of the life, along with helping protect the person and avoid dangers.
The matrix on the back has the soils from 7 temples, 108 types of Waan, Waan Saneah Jan, Yant Phuttakhun powder (pong), Yant Maharat Powder, Yant Tri Ni Sing Hae powder, Yant Ittijae Powder, and Yant Gan Suam Powder. It also contains a powder the carries the water element, Lek Nam Phi dust, crushed Sompoi, powdered Yaa Phi Lu, a powdered Burmese Yaa, the Yaa Chintamunee, a Yaa to bounce curses and bad luck away and many other forms of Muan Sarn from an old Ajarn’s archive. There is also a powder from a broken Buddha, an oil that was used for Sak Yant, Saneah Jan oil, Waan Kai Daeng oil, Waan Dok Thong oil and an oil from a recipe of Luang Pu Suk.
There is a short kata with this pieces and after saying it, put the locket to your third eye and take a deep breath before making a wish. I love the back, which has a code, a Yant Na, a Takrut and a real carnelian that looks like the rising sun in the dark. Truly beautiful work that has been a long time in the planning and construction.

It measures 2.6" and is an exceptional piece of work from Ajarn Apichai, who has included a Lersi Pha Yant with the locket for you to rest it on on the altar.

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The Palang Jakawaa Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - Remedial Astrology

  • The Thais have extensive knowledge regarding remedial astrology to help with astrologically difficult periods. These can take the form of amulets, Pha Yant cloths that hold complex magic and even oil paintings for the home or business, which are desired by the rich.