This is a wonderful assembly of items from the same body source, a 22 year old ladyboy who died by hanging on a saturday called Nancy. Deaths on a saturday are particularly potent as the Thais believe that the veil is thin on this day (and a Tuesday). The trauma of a death by hanging produces highly supernatural body parts and this item is blessed for gay males with a blessing from Ajarn Krit for lucky in love and life.

Panneng such as this are rare as you have the access to the ghost by knowing her name, which gives great advantages when working together. With this assembly, you also have a small piece of the rope she used in the takrut tube above her skull piece and a hand made cord (24"), all done in silver. Amulets such as this are a good ally in life once the proper connections have been made and she enjoys merit as well as offerings such as perfume, flowers, raw meat and alcohol. A rare type of Panneng.

The amulet measures 2.1" and the Takrut of rope 2.75" - all done in silver. It is a top quality item.

There is no kata for this item, just connect, make offerings and off you go.

High and potent magic.

The Panneng and Suicide Rope of a Named Lady Boy in Silver

  • Panneng are made up of spiritually active piece of skull and their use dates back to ancient times when they were either worn as a belt buckle or even a vest with the sections attached to each other using corpse hair.

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