It is rare to be able to get the prai from monks as so few die in unusual circumstances but this is one of those occasions. Phra Boonyang was a monk that died recently on a mountain in South Thailand that is renowned for its ghosts from the second world war as well as being a spiritual mountain. He was staying there on Tudong to test his Samathi and give merit to the dead but he died instead, which happens a lot at this location as the ghosts here can be very violent. When on Tudong (which is when they wonder the wilds to meditate and hone their Samathi) the monk is exceptionally pure of spirit and to get Panneng from his body is a rare event.

The Panneng cut from him as smaller because they hold so much power and the demand from devotees of Thai Occultism. The back of them has a piece of the vest he died on and the fronts have all been gold leafed. I have 3 of his Panneng, which were all taken from the forehead and the 3rd eye was the first to sell.

These Panneng are for everything in return for the merit Phra Boonyang will need to move on to the next life.  Remarkable items like this are so rare. The power is pure and directional and can be used for anything - love, persuation, money, whatever but do send him merit when he brings the good things in life.

These measure 4cm and I will ask if they need a kata. Panneng from this source are akin to a Buddhist relic.

Rare and potent prai magic.

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The Panneng of Phra Boonyang - a monk who died ina haunted place

  • Panneng amulets use the skull of a person who died a prai death as a talisman. These can come from very interesting sources but the ones from children, monks, prostitutes, gangsters and people with unusual sexual orientations are the most highly sought after.