I love heavy prai.

This amulet consists of a finely scripted female Panneng froma  known body source by Ajarn Apichai, who is brilliant with prai from young ladies. Her name was Pim and she died while pregnant at 18 years old, making her a Phi Tai Thong Glom, one of the most powerful ghost in the Thai system. This is the last of her Panneng being sold.

The from is beautifully scripted  in Khom script with the typical artistry of Ajarn Apichai, especially with the addition of the Yant Na, which is difficult to do on fresh bone. The back is equally beautiful with a highly active matrix that consists mostly of herbs with very little bonding agent, into which has been pressed 5 Takrut and two forms of prai oil, one male and one female. Ajarn constructs his works with great precision and knows how to make the body of the living talisman work well. This is a phenomenal piece of work.

There is a kata but also reach out with your mind to Pim and connect to her. The currency for getting work done here is with merit to help her in the afterlife. This Panneng is angled towards Saneah and great fortune and will deliver on both accounts.
Measures 2.75" and comes with Ajarn Apichai's card and kata.

Astonishing work.

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The Panneng of Pim (a dead pregnant lady) by Ajarn Apichai LAST ONE

  • Where we know the body source there is a huge source of power as we know their name and their image and can work with them directly. It also aids with connection and these are some of the top items within the system.