There is a vast Wicha for Tiger Magic in Thailand and this one comes from the reclusive Ajarn Phrot, who has produced something wonderful here, as with most of his work. His work is legendary.

The front of the amulet is made of the coconut that was used in a funeral to wash the face of a potent corpse (who was rich and had a lot of wives) and shows a roaring Tiger and script scratched into mix, which is rather beautiful. The amulet was made a couple of years ago consists of plants and potent pong powders for charm, cemetery soils collected when Ajarn travelled in both Thailand and Cambodia, a coin from the mouth of a corpse, and takruts for both Charm and Good Fortune. It's a great amulet for business and it works by charming those around you.

This Suea Saming is for Saneah rather than invincibility and through that attraction and charm, the life opens up. It also brings confidence, which helps with meeting new people and it draws love and support from those around you.

Tiger magic fulfils many roles, including authority, invincibility, protection from all harm, the banishing of curses and any black magic thrown your way but this is a form of Tiger magic to beautify and enrich. The Wicha for Tiger magic is vast and this is a superb example of one of its many forms.
Measures 2" and comes with Ajarn Phrot's card and kata.

Life changing Magic.

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The Phaya Suea Saming Prai Amulet by the reclusive Ajarn Phrot

  • Tiger magic is extensive in this region and comes from the ancient animist past. Generally for authority but they also offer extreme protaction from any source, even the nether world.