The Nam Man Prai Athan Saneah by Ajarn Verataep.
This was made according to an old Wicha and it used materials that took over three years to collect. The list of items included many types of Waan Maha Saneah, Waan Dok Thong, Krua Sao Long, Raat Rak Sorn Sawaht, and many other Waan to make up 108 types, a long list that must be followed closely according to the Wicha. The prai element is from a single female source and her bone powder can be seen in each bottle. Her name is unimportant as she has been moved on and Ajarn created a new spirit within this Athan oil to serve as you wish. Ajarn Verataep is brilliant at that process, which is why this is a prai oil that is safe to use on yourself to affect those around you.
The oil was carefully blessed to have no bad effects for the people who own, wear or praise the oil. This blessing took place over a year and at successive Wai Kru ceremonies after that until Ajarn was sure that it had the power to own this oil. This oil has potent power for Metta Maha Saneah attraction and to bring anyone you wish for. It can be applied in tiny amounts to the Third Eye or to anywhere that the owner feels is their most attractive feature, like your neck, below the lip or sides of the eyes on the temples but it is best not to ingest this in any way. It can also be put onto someone in tiny amounts, be used on a person’s photo and then ask the spirit within to make that person be interested in you. The uses of this oil are only limited by your needs and desires, it is supreme magic.
This oil was made 10 years ago and Ajarn periodically bottles a litre or so and puts it on sale. It is of a quality that I have never had before as it is both refined and powerful to the point where any Ajarn would be proud to make this.

The bottle measures a nudge over 2" and comes with Ajarn Verataep's kata. There are very few oils as good as this - and yes, it is that expensive.

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The Phenomenal Nam Man Prai Athan Saneah by Ajarn Verataep 2012

  • There are thousands of recipes for making prai oils but only a few makers are very good at this process. When they are the Nam Man Prai they produce has the ability to change the life of the person who owns it, which is something the Thais really understand. A chance meeting can have a huge effect on the life and the top oils are second to none for bringing the wearer to the fore. Opportunity happens for those that people notice and love.