The Nam Man Prai Athan Saneah by Ajarn Verataep 2012

The original ones of these were mostly bone and earth so we have used them in other amulets but there are two that are mostly liquid and well worth using for their originally intended purpose.

Ajarn Verataep worked on this Nam Man Prai for a year before releasing it. It is an NMP that can be placed onto other people for sexual encouragement and control (no more than twice), and also on yourself for incredibly potent Saneah IF you check your astrology and are able to use prai effectively and without harm. Book a reading from Ajarn Apichai as we all need to know what we can and cannot do in magic.

This NMP is beautifully controlled and strong. It is quite unlike any other I have ever come across as you can feel the directed energy in a different way. I got these remaining two directly from Ajarn Verataep so they have had an extra blessing and he kindly scripted the bottle. These were very expensive and are being sold at cost in the sale.

The bottle measures 2.15" and there are very few oils as good as this. It comes with a kata to recite while wearing it.

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The Phenomenal Nam Man Prai Athan Saneah by Ajarn Verataep 2012

  • There are thousands of recipes for making magic oils, be they prai or just herbal and while all are effective, only a few makers are real experts at this process. These makers produce oils that have the ability to change the life of the person who owns it, which is something the Thais really understand.