The Phi Sieng Mieng Amulet by Ajarn Piyasitti.
The Sieng Mieng Ghost is the ancient Guardian or the graveyard, which are extremely strong in the Lanna region. This is an ancient Wicha that was used to call and control spirits by creating a Sieng Mieng within an amulet, a Wicha that the spirits and ghosts are afraid of, granting you the ability to have power over them. It protects when traveling to haunted places as you are carrying a Guardian, and it also protects against black magic.
These are the last of these pieces from Ajarn Piya and there will be no more because the collection of prai needed was very difficult to acquire, taking 3 years before the correct assemblage was available. This is because these contain the Prai of 7 important men and include some meat from an army general, a high politician, a couple of gangsters and a high ranking police officer. The assembly is essential because each person had to have natural Amnat authority that has been granted through a combination of Karma, Astrology and family lineage. This has brought a huge amount of power to these simple looking pieces.

The amulet itself is based ona Somdet but has a Takrut on the front that is held in place by a mixture of Buddhist Pong and bone powder. The back simply has an impressed design and that's it, it needs nothing else to have visible potency. Fantastic work by Ajarn Piya and a very unusual piece that is now cased in silver.

It measures 1.9" and comes with Ajarns card and kata.

Ancient magic.

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The Phi Sieng Mieng 7 Man Prai Amulet by Ajarn Piya in silver LAST ONE

  • This is the ghost of the graveyard, an ancient entity that has the power over all prai and ghosts and is beseached when bring work to the cemetery.