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The Phor Hong Prai Krasip Ong Kru Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - for foresight   
This has been made from Athan materials that include soils from 7 graveyards, 7 temples, ashes from 7 graveyards, ashes of Tai Hong Prai, ashes of a person that died on a Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday, ashes of the person that died by lightning, and powdered old Panneng from a Kruba Ajarn. There are also powders from 7 prai Kuman, a tree that was struck by lightning, a See Pung Prai Phi Rak, an old batch of See Pung, an old batch of Nam Man Prai and the Waan Saneah Jan plant.
The blessing for this series of Ong Kru amulets was performed according to Ajarns old Wicha book in an ancient graveyard on a Saturday. There was a ritual offering made for the Master Ghosts of the graveyard, an offering for Mae Thoranee (the Earth Goddess) and it was performed at 3am because it was astrologically significant. The ritual was to call all the spirits in the graveyard to lend their power to the Prai Krasip and the full batch was blessed again with the kata for this talisman in his Samnak.
This amulet has the power to protect from any dangers, give warnings audible in the mind and receive the bad fortune that was coming our way. It has the power to grant luck and fortune, bring business and workplace success, help with negotiations and bring Saneah to enchant the people close by.
The Wicha for this type of amulet is one of the oldest in the system and you may notice that there is no Takrut in this piece as everything is controlled by the psyche of Ajarn Apichai. A Moissanite stone is pressed into the third eye, which marks an upgrade of the stones used in the Ong Kru work of Ajarn and this Krasip is on a par with any other ever made. I adore amulets that have an element of foresight as they change our lives and empower us going forward. We are down to the last 5 of these, which are being offered without the silver case at an appropriate price.

It measures 2.1" and comes with his card and kata. You praise this amulet with rice wine and kata.

Another great amulet for foresight from Ajarn Apichai.

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The Phor Hong Prai Krasip Ong Kru Amulet by Ajarn Apichai - for foresight

  • The Prai Krasip is the whispering ghost that connects with us to warn us of good things and bad things approaching. Their imagery makes them both attractive and accessible to the modern tastes, through the use of a skull to portray the presence of this ghost. This ghost is considered to be a very stable entity that establishes a bond with the bearer and acts as a warning system for approaching luck, problems or danger. The other name these are known by is ‘The Whispering Ghost’ because of the way he works, the spirit whispers to you, not in the ear but in the mind.

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