There are many good makers of Phra Ngang amulets but to find one this strong is rare, which is typical of Ajarn Tui, a country Ajarn of some force. I asked him to make 5 of these as it has a mix that basically consists of prai powders and a setting agent, and what makes it highly unusual is that it only has male prai instead of the usual mixture.  Ajarn Tui has made this Phra Ngang as a 'Nak Leng', a womanising, hard shagging, drink guzzling gangster that leads a crazy life because that was the type of man the prai came from. This is a wild shagging, fun seeking, attraction getting, good fortune Phra Ngang Gangster!

The back is awesome and just has a single large silver Takrut, a coffin nail he found in the cemetery he uses and a piece of male bone from the recent cremation of a motorbike riding playboy with a littany of women. This Ngang has lab ruby eyes and has been brought to life to chase people for sex and have a wild time. When handling these pieces I always go dizzy and cloudy minded because of the strength he manages to get into his amulets.

It measures 2.6" and comes with Ajarns card and a dedicated kata. Amulets this strong are rare.

Strong Magic from a top Prai Magician.

Life gets interesting with a good Phra Ngang.

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The Phra Ngang Gangster Prai Amulet by Ajarn Tui

  • Of all the spirits and deities discussed in this book, Phra Ngang has the best chance of becoming a worldwide phenomenon. There are no reliable reference materials on him, not even a Wikipedia post, but he is the one that Westerners seem to be attracted to the most due to his nature and sensibilities . Of all the Thai deities, Phra Ngang is considered easy to relate to and is thought to be the closest to understanding the human heart . From this aspect, it is easy to understand the modern phenomenon of Phra Ngang, which has its subculture in Asia with associated chat sites, and even Facebook pages. On one of these is a steady stream of posted photos of various Phra Ngang for people to admire, comment on and be jealous of.