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The Phra Pong Chan Noi by Luang Phor Tae 2511 - in silver

This is a rare item in good condition and it marks one of the first uses of child remains for a general release, before this was made very popular by Luang Pu Timm from the mid 1970's on. Luang Phor Tae is a legendary maker because it was he who made the Kuman Thong popular in the modern times from his temple, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom. The effect of his work to make amulets to benefit the people is still felt to this day.
The Muan Sarn for this piece is of Pong Prai Kuman mixed with Pong Prai from various sources that acts like the parents of the child remains. It also contains Pong Wahn Mongkhon 108 types (which is all the herbs for Metta), as well as the soil from 7 salt licks, 7 forked roads and 7 graveyards. This is a rare combination now as soils tend to come from crossroads, and the soils from salt licks is rare now because they are close to wild elephants, which can be terrifying.
Amulets that contain Pong Prai Kuman are THE amulet for great fortune and also for Metta because everyone is kind to children - and metta at this level could save your life.

The offerings are just kata and water every day and cooked rice once per week. You can also offer the traditional red Fanta but in these items, the spirit has been moved on to leave a potent Buddhist pieece.

This measures 1.6" in its old silver case and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Classic Prai Magic that influenced the generations to follow.

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The Phra Pong Chan Noi by Luang Phor Tae in silver - 1968

  • The Luk Om Pong Prai Kuman is a classic of Thai Occultism, and is famous for bringing great wealth and good fortune. It's not commonly known but they are also superb for Metta as everyone in their right mind is kind to children. This is a combination that may save your life in the future.

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