According to the ancient book of how to make the Phra Setthi Nawa Koti amulet, it states that this should only be made using wood or waan powders. It took Phra Ajarn O 14 years to collect the ingredients to make this in 2011 and it is being sold at a price that reflects the sale price at that time.

The Phra Setthi is carved from a dead Noni tree that grew on top of a termite hill but the heart of it uses Maai Rak (Crown Flower tree) wood that died and fell but the branches stuck into the ground. The ball he is holding in his hands is made from a dead Jackwood tree that when knocked sounds hollow inside, and the back has an insert of Thai Rosewood that was struck by lightning.

The figure has 9 faces to imply fertility and is beautifully carved with a great sense of life to it. It is obvious that this amulet has been worked on for many years because the feeling of it is exceptional and this is life changing magic.

For Metta and good fortune

Measures 2.25" and comes with Phra Ajarn O's card and kata. It would be hard to find a more beautiful Puttakhun amulet and is a rare piece.

I only found 1.

The Remarkable Phra Setthi Nawa Koti Amulet by Phra Ajarn O - 2011

  • Pure Buddhist amulets (without Prai materials) are known as Puttakhun magic and they work in a gentler way but still offer sustained magical force.