The Phra Sisa Laeng Ngaeng by Luang Phor Loet 1999 - LAST ONE
This contains the Muan Sarn of 7 graveyards and Athan powders, which includes Pong Prai Kuman ad LP Loet was a disciple of the original monk at Wat Sam Ngan, the Kuman Thong Temple in Nakhon Pathom that started with LP Tae.

The Phra Sisa Laeng Ngaeng wicha is similar to a Hoon Payon in that has a body within it through the 32 parts of the body ritual. It can also be used and cared for akin to any form of prai because it can also grant wishes. For example, if going to see your boss or someone of higher authority you can wish for Metta and support from the talisman, good business requests are also granted but the raise in fortune should be natural, allow it to work. The amulet is naturally attractive to lovers but it cannot be used for a person already in a relationship. It also has an element of warning against dangers and can protect against black magic and evil spirits.

Praise with rice, boiled eggs and rice wine, which should be dabbed on the lips of the figure on the amulet when any requests are granted or help is given. This is an old amulet from original stock and is therefore very affordable indeed.

It measures 2" in its fine silver case and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Classic prai magic from a top monk.

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THE LAST Phra Sisa Laeng Ngaeng by Luang Phor Loet in silver from 1999

  • Until the recent crackdown, Thai monks used to produce fantastic prai amulets that were controlled by a top Buddhist magician. The only way to access this work now is through old pieces, such as those by LP Tim but almost every top monk worked with prai to great effect.