The Somdet is perhaps THE classic Thai Buddhist amulet and they predominently come from the great monks of the region, holding purely Puttakhun materials (No prai). This one is special because it comes from one of the greatest monks of the great generation, the highly revered Luang Phor Khun of Korat, who was famous for his blessings and squatting down while having a hand rolled cigarette.

The front shows the classic pose of Buddha with a central red gem on a 3 level Dias under Bodhi leaves. It is beautifully cast and picked out in gold. The rear shows Ganesh (Picanet in Thai) also with an inserted red gem but below him is a rough garnet and a bead. This amulet is special because of the blessing of Luang Phor Khun, whose talismans are now hard to find. The mix this is cast from includes a Waan powder (crushed plants) to bring Metta and popularity and a classic amulet from a top monk of old. Now cased in silver to great effect.

Measures 1.5" and comes with the original temple case and the Namo Dtassa kata.

Very special magic.

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The Phra Somdet by the legendary Luang Phor Khun in silver (2013)

  • The Somdet is generally a pure Buddhist magic but it can also be Saiyasart when it has prai included to boost the power of how it works. These bring the Metta (loving kindness) of the Buddha and popularity, as well as repelling negative forces.