The Suea Jet Pod is the ancient Lanna Tiger Yant and each part is an angel of the Tiger. The ritual for the tattoo originally took 7 days, with one part of the Tiger applied each day and at the end of each part the person would eat a portion of raw meat. This book said that the Suea Jet Pod is the Tiger that has an angel for each day of the week which posses the creature. The angels give the tiger its power and whoever has the tattoo is believed to be able to repel any dangers, be victorious over enemies, have the power to bounce curses back as well as bad things and evil spirits. Along with this the 7 parts of the Tiger also boosts the good fortune, personal power and prestige.
The Phra Somdet Jet Pod by Ajarn Apichai has Yants for the 7 parts of the Tiger that are made of silver, which is amazing for such an affordable piece. Each one was made on the correct day of the week and then constructed into a Phra Somdet amulet along with Athan materials. These include the soils from 7 graveyards, 7 temples and 7 markets, the ashes of a man who died on Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday, Tiger oil. See Pung Tiger and powdered Tiger skin. The herbal content includes Waan 108, the Waan that is used for the application of the tattoo and a Waan that brings Kong Grapan. An amulet to raise the status of the bearer, provide superb protection and bring success to life.

A nice size at a nudge over 2" and it comes with Ajarns card and a dedicated kata.

Ajarn Apichai is producing some amazing talismans at this time.

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The Phra Somdet Jet Pod Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai

  • The range of Tiger magic available is astonishing and it all provides authority with protection and good fortune, sometimes with Tiger products, sometimes with prai and sometimes with both.