This is an astonishing example of one of the ancient types of talisman, the Hoon Payon, which is still popular to this day because it works. This one is the Phuk Hoon Payon by Ajarn Tui and he made them for this site. LAST 2

These Hoon Payon have been woven by hand from wicker, which is difficult to do. It is a process controlled by kata and the Ajarn added the hair of a 27 year old accident victim called Panupong, a man who died on Thailand's dangerous roads. Connecting to this ghost is not the aim here as his hair is simply to provide extra power, the spirit itself is moved on. Ajarn Tui then constructs the spirit body of the Hoon Payon using the four elements, the 32 parts of the body kata and his psyche, which gives this piece a potent form. These are exceptional pieces.

The Hoon Payon is one of my favourite forms of amulets purely because they work so well. I have had the experience of these where my first HPY released a huge store of good fortune that had been held back by some sort of interference and life has been much easier since. The HPY is an amulet that wraps around the person and provides a second body that can be attacked instead of the person themselves and they protect from ghosts, curses, black magic and anything else that can interfere with our lives.

These measure an average of 2.75" and come with Ajarn Tui's card and kata. I have cased it in silver and added a skull to it, which looks marvelous! The photo on the site will be changed with each one sold.

I would suggest that you light 15 incense to the land spirits to open the way and allow this to enter. This likes the usual prai foods but loves whiskey as a thank you offering along with the usual merit.

Classic regional magic.

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The Phuk Hoon Payon Prai Amulet by Ajarn Tui in silver - spirit bodyguard

  • This is an ancient spell for protection that creates a second body that gets attacked instead of the bearer. This body can also absorb negative astrological influences, which can give a huge boost to the good fortune of the person wearing it.

    Hoon Payon are made from a multitude of materials, but traditionally, the maker used agricultural materials (particularly grasses, including one called Yaa Kaa, which is used for roof laying and it is often cut from a cemetery for a Hoon Payon), soil, metal, wood or bamboo that has been made into the shape of a person and often bound with ‘Sai Sin’ ceremonial thread. This thread is used when a monk or Ajarn cordons off an area for protection while he performs a ritual, as well as the thread used during funeral rites. If more clout is needed for the talisman, the maker will use the Sai Sin from a funeral as it is considered to be Prai in nature, added to both increase the power to the item and to bind the spirit in the effigy. The hair from a corpse is also commonly added when available and this brings great potency.